Retrieving the KMIP certificate from the KMS server

Content Platform for Cloud Scale Administration Guide

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The HCP for cloud scale system requires an SSL certificate in PEM format from the KMS system to establish mTLS.

For example, to retrieve the certificate from a Thales CipherTrust Manager system:

  1. Log in to the Thales system.
    The web console opens.
  2. Select Admin Settings > Interfaces.
    The Interfaces page opens.
  3. Select the kmip interface.
  4. Click the more icon, at the righthand side of the interface, and select Edit.
    The Configure KMIP page opens.
  5. Click Download Current Certificate.
    The certificate file, Certificate_kmip.txt is downloaded.
  6. Edit the certificate file to copy the first certificate to a separate file with the suffix .crt.
    This is the KMIP certificate.
  7. Transfer the edited certificate file you created in the previous step to the HCP for cloud scale system as a client certificate.