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Keep the following in mind when configuring SSL certificates for your system, especially if you are configuring the system to use one or more certificates that you create yourself:

  • Do not allow any of the SSL certificates to expire.
  • Adhere to the established best practices for setting up SSL certificates. For example, if you are using wildcards to identify hostnames in an SSL certificate, a wildcard should appear only at the beginning of the hostname, not in the middle.

    For information on SSL best practices, see and

  • Ensure that the DNS name for the system matches the name defined in the certificate. If you rename the system you need a new certificate.
  • When configuring a certificate chain, ensure that all intermediate issuers have the appropriate signing authority permissions so that the entire chain is signed.
  • If you regenerate or upload an SSL certificate you must repair (that is, restart) the S3 Gateway and MAPI Gateway services for the change to take effect.
  • If encryption is enabled you must also repair the Key Management Server service and unseal the vault.