Installing a certificate you created

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You can create an SSL server certificate by using a third-party tool such as OpenSSL. When creating the certificate, you specify two passwords, one for the PKCS12 object containing the certificate and one for the private key for the certificate. To use the certificate with the system, these passwords must be the same.

When you create an SSL server certificate, you can have that certificate signed by a certificate authority (CA). In this case, the CA you use might provide you with one or more intermediate certificates. These certificates are used in conjunction with the SSL server certificate you created to establish a certificate chain, which is an ordered list of certificates in which each certificate is trusted by the next.

To preserve the chain of trust among the certificates, you must upload the certificates in the correct order. That is, each certificate you upload must be immediately followed by the certificate that signs it. For information on the correct order for the certificate chain, see the CA.

Admin App instructions

  1. Select Dashboard > Configuration.
  2. Click Certificates.
  3. Click Update System Certificate.
  4. In the box PKCS12 Password, type the password for the certificate.
  5. Drag the certificate into the box Upload Certificate Chain.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Click Accept.
  8. Restart (repair) the S3 Gateway.