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System event issues

Issue Description/Resolution

The event log contains instances of event id 6007 with this message:

Service service-name health check against HTTP /health port cannot succeed because it is on a different network than service Cluster-Worker. Health check ignored to prevent service interruption.

Your system uses both internal and external networks, but the service specified by the event is on a different network type from the Cluster-Worker service. Because of this, the system cannot perform an additional health verification on the specified service.

You can ignore this event. The additional health verification is not required and does not affect the other health verifications used to display the service status on the Monitoring > Services page in the System Management application.

The MAPI Gateway service becomes unresponsive.

If you're working with a storage component that is configured with multiple retries and long timeouts, and if the endpoint for the storage component is unreachable, and if as a result you send multiple verification or activation requests to the endpoint, the MAPI Gateway service can become unresponsive.

If the MAPI Gateway service becomes unresponsive, use the System Management application Services function Repair on it.

Users can't write to storage components, objects read from storage components are encrypted, and you receive the critical alert Failed to connect to KMS server. The Key Management System service is down. The service should restart automatically. When it restarts, log in to HCP for cloud scale on port 8200 and provide a quorum of unseal keys.
You receive a warning that the bucket mirroring transfer queue (hcpcs.s3.mirrorTransfer)is overflowing. Reconfigure the external source:
  • Decrease the external queue's visibility timeout period.
  • Increase the external queue's retention period before a message is discarded.
  • Establish an external dead-letter process for discarded messages.