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The Grafana interface provides features for managing dashboards.

The following table lists common tasks that you can perform from the side menu and dashboard toolbar in the interface. You can find detailed information about these and other tasks, as well as information about dashboard concepts and components, in the Grafana documentation at

Task Task start location Description Step
Open a dashboard The Object Storage Management application or a browser Start the dashboards from the Object Storage Management application or from a browser.

Log in to Grafana, and then click a dashboard name on the Dashboards page.

For log in instructions, see Starting the Grafana dashboards.

Star a dashboard (mark as favorite) Dashboard menu or side menu Select the corresponding star for dashboards that you use frequently. Starred dashboards are shown first on the Dashboards page.

From the dashboard toolbar, click the star icon.


From the Dashboards page, click the star next to the dashboard name.

Search for a dashboard Side menu Search by dashboard name or by panel title. Click the search icon.
Show and hide rows in a dashboard Within a dashboard Collapse or expand rows to hide parts of the dashboard. Panels inside a collapsed row do not issue queries. Click the ˃ or ˅ toggle before the row name to collapse or expand the row.
Set the time range for the metrics in the dashboard Dashboard toolbar

Set the time range for the metrics that you want to view in the dashboard. This time range is applied only to the open dashboard.

Select the range from the time range list.
Tip: Once you have selected a time range, you can further drill down on the metrics for that range in graphs by clicking and dragging in the area of interest. The new range is reflected in the time range list.