Retrieving logs and diagnostic information

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The tool log_download lets you easily retrieve logs and diagnostic information from all instances in the system. This tool is located at this path on each instance:


For information about running the tool, use this command:

install_path/hcpcs/bin/log_download -h

  • When using the tool log_download, if you specify the option --output, do not specify an output path that contains colons, spaces, or symbolic links. If you omit the option --output, you cannot run the script from within a folder path that contains colons, spaces, or symbolic links.
  • When you run the script log_download, all log files are automatically compressed and moved to the folder install_path/hcpcs/retired/.
  • If an instance is down, you need to specify the option --offline to collect the logs from that instance. If your whole system is down, you need to run the script log_download with the option --offline on each instance.