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Default log locations

By default, each service stores its logs on each instance on which the service instance runs, in its own folder at this path:


This table shows the default log folder names for each service. Depending on how your system was configured when first deployed, your system's logs might not be stored in these folders.

Service Default log folder name Contains information about
Admin-App com.hds.ensemble.plugins.service.​adminApp The System Management application.
Database com.hds.ensemble.plugins.service.​cassandra
  • System configuration data.
  • Document fields and values.
Scheduling com.hds.ensemble.plugins.service.​chronos Workflow task scheduling.
N/A com.hds.ensemble.plugins.service.​containerAction Created by custom actions run by service plugins.
Metrics com.hds.ensemble.plugins.service.​​elasticsearch The storage and indexing of:
  • System events
  • Performance and failure metrics for workflow tasks
Network-Proxy com.hds.ensemble.plugins.service.​haproxy Network requests between instances.
Message Queue com.hds.ensemble.plugins.service.​kafka The transmission of data between instances.
Logging com.hds.ensemble.plugins.service.​logstash The transport of system events and workflow task metrics to the Metrics service.
Service-Deployment com.hds.ensemble.plugins.service.marathon The deployment of high-level services across system instances. High-level services are the ones that you can move and configure, not the services grouped under System Services.
Cluster-Worker com.hds.ensemble.plugins.service.​​mesosAgent The work ordered by the Cluster-Coordination service.
Cluster-Coordination com.hds.ensemble.plugins.service.​mesosMaster Hardware resource allocation.
Watchdog com.hds.ensemble.plugins.service.remoteAction Internal system processes.
Sentinel com.hds.ensemble.plugins.service.​sentinel The internal system processes.
Watchdog com.hds.ensemble.plugins.service.​watchdog General diagnostic information.
Synchronization com.hds.ensemble.plugins.service.​zookeeper The coordination of actions and database activities across instances.
S3-Gateway​clientaccess.​data The client access data service.
Data-Lifecycle​data-lifecycle.service The data lifecycle service.
Tracing-Agent​jaeger.​​agent The tracing agent service.
Tracing-Collector​collector The tracing collector service.
Tracing-Query​jaeger.​​query The tracing query service.
MAPI-Gateway​mapi.​gateway The management API gateway.
Metadata-Policy-Engine​policy.​engine The metadata asynchronous policy engine.
Grafana​​grafana The dashboard service.
Mirror-Out-Policy The mirror out (synch-to) service.
Mirror-In-Policy The mirror in (synch-from) service.
S3-Notifications The S3 notifications service.
Metadata-Cache The metadata cache.

Note: This service is deprecated.

Metadata-Coordination Metadata coordination.
Metadata-Gateway The metadata gateway.
Telemetry-Service​prometheus Telemetry.
Message-Queue The message broker.
Key-Management-Server The key management server.