Switching between applications

Content Platform for Cloud Scale Administration Guide

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HCP for cloud scale uses OAuth2 as a service provider to authenticate single sign-on (SSO) access. You only need one set of login credentials for all HCP for cloud scale applications, so you can switch between applications without logging in again.

Depending on the permissions assigned to your account role, you can have access to one or more HCP for cloud scale application. To switch between applications:

  1. Depending on the application you are currently using:
    • In the Object Storage Management application, click the app switcher menu (App Switcher menu (a nine-dot square) lets you select another application) and select another application.
    • In the System Management application, click the Open menu (Open menu icon (three horizontal lines)), in the right corner of the top navigation bar, and select another application.
      Note: The System Management application is also identified in the user interface as Admin App.
  2. Select the application you want to use.
    The application opens.