Storage components, buckets, and objects

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Storage components

A storage component is an Amazon S3 compatible storage provider, running independently, that HCP for cloud scale manages as a back end to store object data. To an S3 client using HCP for cloud scale, the existence, type, and state of storage components are transparent.

HCP for cloud scale supports the following storage systems:

  • Amazon S3
  • Hitachi Content Platform (HCP)
  • HCP S Series Node
  • Any Amazon S3 compatible storage service


A bucket is a logical collection of secure data objects that is created and managed by a client application. An HCP for cloud scale bucket is modeled on a storage service bucket. HCP for cloud scale uses buckets to manage storage components. You can think of an HCP for cloud scale system as a logical collection of secure buckets.

Buckets have associated metadata such as ownership and lifecycle status. HCP for cloud scale buckets are owned by an HCP for cloud scale user and access is controlled on a per-bucket basis by Amazon access control lists (ACL) supporting the S3 API. Buckets are contained in a specific region; HCP for cloud scale supports one region, us-west-2.

  1. HCP for cloud scale buckets are not stored in storage components, so HCP for cloud scale clients can create buckets even before adding storage components.
  2. Storage component buckets are created by storage component administrators and are not visible to HCP for cloud scale clients.
  3. To empty and reuse a bucket, don't just delete the bucket and create a new one with the same name. After a bucket is deleted, the name becomes available for anyone to use and another account might take it first. Instead, empty and keep the bucket.


An object consists of data and associated metadata. The metadata is a set of name-value pairs that describe the object. Every object is contained in a bucket. An object is handled as a single unit by all HCP for cloud scale transactions, services, and internal processes.

For information about Amazon S3, see Introduction to Amazon S3.

S3 Console application

HCP for cloud scale includes an S3 Console application that provides convenient functions for bucket users as an alternative to using S3 API methods:

  • Obtaining S3 credentials
  • Managing bucket synchronization, policies, and rules
  • Creating S3 event notifications to synchronize buckets
  • Managing objects in buckets, singly and in bulk

For more information, see the S3 Console Guide.

Strongly consistent object listing

HCP for cloud scale supports strong consistency in object listing. After a write, upload, or delete operation, a list operation shows the changes immediately. Strong consistency supports big-data analytics applications and applications originally written for storage environments of smaller scale.