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Content Platform for Cloud Scale Administration Guide

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The initial user account, which has all permissions, is created when you install HCP for cloud scale. The initial user account can perform all HCP for cloud scale functions. After the initial user account is created, you can change its password any time, but you cannot disable the account and you cannot change its permissions.

The initial user is the only local account allowed and is intended only to let you configure an identity provider (IdP). HCP for cloud scale can communicate with IdPs using HTTP or HTTPS. HCP for cloud scale supports multiple IdPs:

  • Active Directory
  • OpenLDAP
  • 389 Directory Server
  • LDAP compatible

HCP for cloud scale supports external users defined in the IdP. External users with the appropriate permissions can perform some or all of these functions:

  • Log in to the Object Storage Management application and use all functions
  • Log in to the System Management application and use all functions
  • Get an OAuth token to use all API calls for the Object Storage Management and System Management applications
  • Log in to the S3 Console application and get S3 credentials to use the S3 API

HCP for cloud scale discovers the groups in each IdP and allows assigning roles to groups.

HCP for cloud scale uses OAuth2 as a service provider to authenticate single sign-on (SSO) access. SSO lets you use one set of login credentials for all HCP for cloud scale applications, so you can switch between applications without logging in again.