Network isolation and port mapping

Content Platform for Cloud Scale Administration Guide

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When you install HCP for cloud scale, you can set up network isolation by configuring one external network and one internal network.

HCP for cloud scale software creates a cluster using commodity x86 servers that are networked using Ethernet. The software uses two networks on the operating system hosting the HCP for cloud scale software. These networks can also use link aggregation defined by the OS administrator.

While two networks provide optimal traffic isolation, you can deploy the software using a single network. The OS administrator must make and implement networking decisions before you install HCP for cloud scale.

HCP for cloud scale services use a range of network ports. You can configure services to use different ports instead of the default ports. Installation is the only opportunity to change the default ports used by services.

Note: The following services must be deployed with their default port values:
  • Message Queue
  • Tracing Agent
  • Tracing Collector
  • Tracing Query

For information about installing HCP for cloud scale, see Installing Hitachi Content Platform for Cloud Scale.