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HCP for cloud scale supports the S3 PUT Bucket notification configuration and GET Bucket notification configuration methods.

HCP for cloud scale can send notifications of specified events in a bucket to a message server for applications to consume. This is a more efficient way to signal changes than periodically scanning objects in a bucket.

HCP for cloud scale supports event notification to signal specified events in buckets. Notifications can be sent to AWS SQS Standard services, Kafka, or RabbitMQ. A retry mechanism assures highly reliable notifications.

Notification can be configured for these events:

  • s3:ObjectCreated:*
  • s3:ObjectCreated:Put
  • s3:ObjectCreated:Post
  • s3:ObjectCreated:Copy
  • s3:ObjectCreated:CompleteMultipartUpload
  • s3:ObjectRemoved:*
  • s3:ObjectRemoved:Delete
  • s3:ObjectRemoved:DeleteMarkerCreated
Note: If an event notification is sent but not acknowledged, or the acknowledgement is lost in transit, then the notification might be resent. In this case you get a duplicate notification. You should configure whatever actions you take on notifications to handle the case of a duplicate notification sent for the same event.