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Chargeback reports detail how system storage capacity is used, per user or bucket.

HCP for cloud scale provides storage usage reports for objects on the system. Authorized users can generate a report for one or more of the buckets they own. Authorized administrators can generate a report for a user or a list of one or more buckets. Reports can detail hourly, daily, or monthly usage.

Chargeback reports let you create invoices or bills for bucket owners, or delegate that task to others.

How usage is calculated

Metrics for bucket size and number of objects are stored persistently. Storage usage is calculated at the granularity of byte-hours and can be reported by hour, day, or month.

For example, if a user stores 100 GB (107374182400 bytes) of standard storage data in a bucket for the first 15 days in March, and 100 TB (109951162777600 bytes) of standard storage data for the final 16 days in March, the usage is 42259901212262,400 byte-hours. The calculation is as follows:

First calculate the total byte-hour usage:

[107374182400 bytes × 15 days × (24 hours/day)] + 
 [109951162777600 bytes × 16 days × (24 hours/day)] = 
42259901212262400 byte-hours

Then convert byte-hours to GB-months:

42259901212262400 byte-hours ÷ 
          (1073741824 bytes/GB) ÷ 
                  (24 hours/day) ÷ 
                  (31 days in March) =
                52900 GB-months

Usage reports

Storage capacity usage is reported in either a user report or a system report.

  • The user report gives storage usage for any or all buckets defined in the system that the user owns.
  • The system report gives storage usage for any or all buckets defined in the system.

Within each report you can specify which fields appear.