Introducing HCP for cloud scale

Content Platform for Cloud Scale Administration Guide

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HCP for cloud scale is especially well suited to service applications requiring high bandwidth and compatibility with the Amazon S3 API.

HCP for cloud scale can federate S3 compatible storage from virtually any private or public source and present the combined capacity in a single, centrally managed, global name space.

You can install HCP for cloud scale on any server, in the cloud or on premise, that supports the minimum requirements.

HCP for cloud scale supports S3 event notification through a graphical user interface or through GET and PUT Bucket Notification configuration.

HCP for cloud scale lets you manage and scale storage components. You can add storage components, monitor their states, and take them online or offline for purposes of maintenance or repair. HCP for cloud scale provides functions to send notification of alerts, track and monitor throughput and performance, and trace actions through the system.