Best practices for managing HCP S Series Nodes

Content Platform for Cloud Scale Administration Guide

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For a system that includes HCP S Series Node storage components, the best practice is to define a separate user account on them for exclusive use by HCP for cloud scale.

If you have already configured HCP for cloud scale to use an account from an HCP S Series Node that is typically used for its management (that is, an administrative account), and then change the account’s credentials for security purposes, then HCP for cloud scale cannot communicate with the HCP S Series Node, most importantly for data access, which leads to a disruption of service.

You set up accounts when configuring a new storage component. If you have already defined storage components with single accounts, the best practice is to add another, exclusive account on each HCP S Series Node and change the HCP for cloud scale configuration to use that account.

Note: Replacing an account for an existing storage component might cause a data path disruption of a few seconds as the account is defined.