Configure S3 settings

Content Platform for Cloud Scale Management API Reference

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You can configure custom S3 settings for buckets. You can use the method /s3_settings/set to configure settings, then use the method /s3_settings/get to verify them.

HTTP request syntax (URI)

POST https://host_ip:9099/mapi/v1/s3_settings/set

Request structure

The request body is:

  "maxFileSizeBytes": nnnnnnnnnn,
  "maxBucketsPerUser": buckets,
  "maxBulkDeleteRequestSizeBytes": size,
  "maxBulkDeleteRequestSizeCount": count
Parameter Required Type Description
maxFileSizeBytes No Integer The maximum size, in bytes, of a single object that can be uploaded to an HCP for cloud scale system. Limit: 5 GB, default: 5 GB.
maxBucketsPerUser No Integer The maximum number of buckets that a single user can create and own. Limit: 1000 buckets, default: 100 buckets.
maxBulkDeleteRequest​Size​Bytes No Integer The maximum, total size of objects, in bytes, allowed in a single bulk deletion. Default: 3 MB.
maxBulkDeleteRequest​Size​Count No Integer The maximum, total number of objects allowed in a single bulk deletion. Default: 1000 objects.

Response structure

The response returns the same parameters as the request. The response body structure is:

  "maxFileSizeBytes": ,
  "maxBucketsPerUser": ,
  "maxBulkDeleteRequestSizeBytes": ,

Return codes

Status code

HTTP name


200 OK The request was executed successfully.
401 Unauthorized Access was denied because credentials are not valid.
405 Method Not Allowed The specified HTTP method is not allowed for a storage component. Resend using POST.


Request example:


JSON request:

  "maxBucketsPerUser": 1000

JSON response:

  "maxFileSizeBytes": 1099511627776,
  "maxBucketsPerUser": 1000,
  "maxBulkDeleteRequestSizeBytes": 3145728,
  "maxBulkDeleteRequestSizeCount": 1000