Viewing and using MAPI methods

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Your system includes web-based documentation pages where you can view the MAPI methods for both the Object Storage Management and System Management applications, including the request bodies, request URLs, response bodies, and return codes for each. You can also use these pages to run each MAPI method.

You can use the MAPI documentation pages to experiment with the MAPI. Any requests you submit on the page take effect on the system.

Note: If you specify UUIDs when creating resources, the UUIDs are ignored.

To use the MAPI page to run a method:

  1. In either the Object Storage Management App or the System Management App, select the user profile icon, in the upper right portion of the page.
  2. Select:
    • In the Object Storage Management App, select REST API.
    • In the System Management App, select REST API - Admin.
    A Swagger page opens for the selected MAPI.
  3. Expand the category containing the method you want.
  4. Select the row for the method you want.
  5. To use an Object Storage Management method, enter the XSRF token in the field X-XSRF-TOKEN Header.
  6. If the method you want needs a UUID:
    1. Select the row for the GET method for the resource type that you want.
    2. Click Try it out.
    3. In the JSON response body, copy the value in the field uuid for the resource that you want.
  7. If the method you want needs a request body:
    1. In the section Parameters, under Model Schema, click inside the JSON text box.

      The JSON text is added to the field Value.

    2. Edit the JSON in the field Value as needed.
      Note: Some methods might need other information in addition to or instead of UUIDs or JSON-formatted text. Some methods need particular string values or need you to browse for and select a file to upload.
  8. Click Execute.
    The method is executed and the results appear in the section Responses.