Get KMS server

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You can get information about an individual external KMS server.

HTTP request syntax (URI)

POST https://host_ip:9099/mapi/v1/kmip/get_server

Request structure

Parameter Required Type Description
name Yes String The user-assigned name of the KMS server you want to get information about. Type up to 63 Unicode characters.

Response structure

The response body structure is:

  "name": "label",
  "host": "host_name",
  "port": nnnnn,
  "isPrimary": {true|false},
  "isTLS12Enabled": {true|false},
  "httpsCiphers": "cipher_1[,...,cipher_n]",
  "isOnline": {true|false},
  "uuid": "uuid"




name String The name of the KMS server.
host String The host name or IP address of the KMS server.
port Integer The port number of the KMS server.
isPrimary Boolean true if server is primary (read/write access), false if server is secondary (read-only access).
isTLS12Enabled Boolean true if TLS v1.2 is enabled, false otherwise.
httpsCiphers String A string of comma-separated cyphers.
isOnline Boolean true if server is online, false if server is offline.
uuid UUID The UUID of the server.

Return codes

Status code

HTTP name


200 OK The request was executed successfully.
401 Unauthorized Access was denied because credentials are not valid.
405 Method Not Allowed The specified HTTP method is not allowed. Resend using POST.
503 Service Unavailable External KMS servers have not been set up. Configure connection to an external KMS server and resend.


Request example:


JSON request:


JSON response:

  "name": "myServer",
  "host": "myHost_0",
  "port": 5678,
  "isPrimary": true,
  "isTLS12Enabled": false,
  "isOnline": true,
  "uuid": "uuid",