Get user chargeback report

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The method chargeback/user/get_report lets a user generate a chargeback report on storage usage for any or all buckets defined in the system that the user owns.

HTTP request syntax (URI)

POST https://host_ip:9099/mapi/v1/chargeback/user/get_report

Request structure

The request structure is:

  "startDateTime": "",
  "endDateTime": "",
  "granularity": "granularity",
  "bucketList": ["string"],
  "header": true|false,
  "reportedFields": [

Response structure

The response is a stream in comma-separated value (CSV) format.





startDateTime No Date-Time The starting UTC date and time for the report, in the format Truncated to the beginning of the specified hour.
endDateTime No Date-Time The ending UTC date and time for the report, in the format Truncated to the beginning of the specified hour. The default is the current hour.
granularity No Enum The granularity of detail in the report:
  • HOURLY: Report hourly data
  • DAILY (default): Report daily data
  • MONTHLY: Report monthly data
bucketList No String A list of buckets to include in the report. The default is all buckets that the user owns. Limited to the number of buckets allowed per user.
header No Boolean If true, include column headers as the first line of the response. If false, omit the column headers. The default is false.
reportedFields No String A comma-separated list of available fields to include in the report:
  • BUCKET_OWNER: bucket owner
  • BUCKET_NAME: bucket name
  • STORAGE_CLASS: storage class (STANDARD)
  • CAPACITY_IN_BYTE_HOURS: capacity in byte-hours
  • CAPACITY_IN_GB_MONTHS: capacity in gigabyte-months
  • TOTAL_OBJECTS: object count
  • WRITES: total writes
  • DELETES: total deletions
  • WRITTEN_MB: bytes written
  • DELETED_MB: bytes deleted

The default is to return all fields.

Return codes

Status code

HTTP name


200 OK The request was executed successfully.
401 Unauthorized Access was denied because credentials are not valid.
405 Method Not Allowed The specified HTTP method is not allowed for administrative data. Resend using POST.


The following example returns a daily report for all buckets owned by the user (Jimmy) for a specific date range in November 2020.

Request example:


JSON request:

  "startDateTime": "2020-11-02T00:00Z",
  "endDateTime": "2020-11-04T00:00Z",
  "granularity": "DAILY",
  "header": true


Capacity Report for user:; Reporting period: 2020-11-02T00:00Z - 2020-11-04T00:00Z; Granularity: daily; System name:
YYYY-MM-DD,Bucket Owner,Bucket Name,Storage Class,Byte-Hour,GB-Month,Total Objects,Writes,Deletes,Written MB,Deleted MB