Verify and place the update archive

Installing Hitachi Content Platform for Cloud Scale

Part Number
On the server or virtual machine from which you want to start the update:
  1. Download the update archive and MD5 checksum file and store the files in a folder on the server or virtual machine.
  2. The best practice is to verify the integrity of the update archive. For example:
    md5sum -c hcpcs-version_number.update.md5
    If the archive integrity is verified, the command displays product-version_number.update: OK.
  3. In the largest disk partition on the server or virtual machine, create a product update folder. For example:
    mkdir /opt/hcpcs
  4. Move the update archive from the folder where you stored it to the product update folder. For example:
    mv hcpcs-version_number.update /opt/hcpcs/hcpcs-version_number.update
  5. Navigate to the update folder. For example:
    cd /opt/hcpcs