Use the System Management application to update the system

Installing Hitachi Content Platform for Cloud Scale

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The update process is controlled by the System Management application (the Admin App).

  1. From the System Management application, select Configuration.
    The Configuration page opens.
  2. Click Update.
    The Update page opens.
  3. Select the Install tab.
    The Upload area opens.
  4. Click and drag the update file into the Upload area, or click Click to Upload, select the update archive, and click Open.
    The update archive is uploaded and verified. These processes will take several minutes. When the archive is verified, the page displays information about the update process. If the update contains a new service, you can optionally configure network, volume, or log file settings.

    Install tab after update archive is verified

  5. When you're ready to begin, click Apply Update.
    The System Management application displays the message Successfully started update package installation and then applies the update to the cluster (each server or virtual machine in the HCP for cloud scale system).
    Note: The update process can trigger alarms on the Status tab, or emails if notification is enabled, that services have gone down, exited abnormally, or become underprotected. These notifications are expected during an update and you can safely ignore them. Update alarms should clear automatically when the update finishes.
When the system is updated:
  • The Successfully started banner message is removed.
  • In the Status tab, the Update Status displays None and the event Update Completed appears.

    Event Details window showing an "Update Completed" message

  • Update-related alarms are cleared from the Status tab.
  • The update version appears in the lower right corner of the Login page.
Note: If the update process encounters an unexpected error, update stops and the Install tab displays the message The update has failed! Click retry to attempt the update again. On the Status tab, click on the error message to get more details about the error. Click Retry, or click Cancel, correct the problem, and then restart the update. Some errors might not be resolvable by restarting the update. If a retry doesn't work, contact Support.