Updating HCP for cloud scale

Installing Hitachi Content Platform for Cloud Scale

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The following procedures describe how to update the HCP for cloud scale software.

Updates are managed by the System Management (Admin) application. Instances are shut down, updated, and restarted one at a time automatically, so you can update the HCP for cloud scale software to a newer version without interrupting availability or reingesting data. S3 API methods remain available, so that users can continue to read and write data and create and configure buckets.

During an update, management API methods that don't change the configuration remain available, so you can continue to create, monitor, and manage storage components. Tracing and the collection of metrics aren't affected.

When updating from a version of HCP for cloud scale prior to 2.3 to a version that implements consistent listing, event messages appear in the Object Storage Management app to inform you of the migration progress: when it has started, when it is in progress, when cleanup has started, and when it has completed. Once completed, the alerts clear.


You cannot downgrade HCP for cloud scale to a previous version.

You cannot upgrade to v1.3.0 from any previous version.

During an update, you cannot make changes to the configuration. After an update, you might need to reconfigure services.