Deploying the system using CLI commands

Installing Hitachi Content Platform for Cloud Scale

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As an alternative to using the service deployment wizard, you can use CLI commands to deploy service instances onto all instances of the system.

These procedures require local access or the ability to establish an SSH session to the system.

To deploy the HCP for cloud scale system:

  1. Log in to an HCP for cloud scale instance.
  2. Go to the install_path/cli/admin folder.
    cd /opt/hcpcs/cli/admin
  3. Use the command setupAdminUser to set the password for the main admin account:
    ./admincli -k false -c setupAdminUser --pm-password password
    Important: Do not lose or forget this password.
  4. Use the command editSecuritySettings to set the cluster host name.
    ./admincli -c editSecuritySettings --ssm-cluster-hostname=cluster_name -u admin -p password
    Type a lowercase ASCII FQDN.
    Omitting this step can cause links in the System Management application to function incorrectly.
  5. Use the command queryServices to display the default configuration values, and save the output to a file:
    ./admincli -c queryServices --sqrm-is-recommend true --sqrm-requested-details serviceInstances, config --sqrm-service-types product -u admin -p password > /file_path/config_filename.txt
    An example of a configuration file location and name is /tmp/default_config.txt.
  6. Optional: If needed, use a text editor to modify the configuration file config_filename.txt.
  7. Use the command updateServiceConfig to start deployment using the values in the configuration file:
    ./admincli -c updateServiceConfig --service-update-model /file_path/config_filename.txt -u admin -p password
    Note: If a port is already in use this step fails and an error message is displayed listing the ports in use. Edit the configuration file to change the port and repeat this step.
  8. Use the command listScaleTasks to monitor the progress of deployment until all services are deployed "status" is "Complete"):
    ./admincli -c listScaleTasks -u admin -p password
    Tip: You can focus on the status messages with a command such as this:

    ./admincli -c listScaleTasks -u admin -p password | grep status

    Note: If this step fails, log in to the HCP for cloud scale system using a browser; the service deployment wizard is displayed. Click Retry.
  9. Use the command setupComplete to finalize deployment:
    ./admincli -c setupComplete -u admin -p password
    Note: If this step fails with the message Must be in state "setup" to complete setup, wait for a few seconds and repeat this step.