Create an owner for new files

Installing Hitachi Content Platform for Cloud Scale

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After installation, create a user as owner of the newly installed files.

The files installed for HCP for cloud scale are created with an owner universally unique ID (UUID) of 10001. It's best for all files to have a valid owner, so you should create a user account (such as hcpcs) with a UUID of 10001 to own the files.

Do not try to change the file owner to the UUID of an existing user.

To create a file owner:

  1. Create the user account by typing the command sudo useradd -u 10001 account
    where account is the name of the user account (for example, hcpcs).
  2. Verify the user account by typing the command id -u account
    The system displays the user account UUID.
  3. Add a password to the user account by typing the command sudo passwd account
    It's best to use a strong password.
    1. When prompted, type the user account password.
    2. When prompted, confirm the user account password.
You have created a user account that owns the HCP for cloud scale files.