File ownership considerations

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Within some of the Docker containers on each system instance, file ownership is assigned to this user and group:

  • User: hci, UID: 10001
  • Group: hci, GID: 10001

When you view such files in the instance operating system (for example, by running ls -l), the files appear to be owned by an unknown or undefined user and group. Typically, this causes no issues.

However, if you run applications on the system instances that change file ownership (for example, security hardening scripts), changing the ownership of files owned by the hci user and group can cause the system to become unresponsive.

To avoid these issues:

  1. Create the expected user and group on each instance:

    sudo groupadd hci -g 10001

    sudo useradd hci -u 10001 -g 10001

  2. Configure your applications to not change the ownership of files owned by the hci user and group.