Content Intelligence Installation Guide

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This topic describes the network usage and requirements for both system instances and services.

You can configure the network settings for each service when you install the system. You cannot change these settings after the system is up and running. If your networking environment changes such that the system can no longer function with its current networking configuration, you need to reinstall the system. See Handling network changes.


The HCI product uses both internal and external ports to operate its services and the system-internal ports do not have authentication or Transport Layer Security (TLS). At a minimum, use your firewall to make these ports accesible only to other instances in the system. If any users have root access to your system, your network and its systems are vulnerable to unauthorized use.

To secure your data and HCI system, you need to manually use iptables or firewalld to restrict ports to only local communications that the HCI installer otherwise leaves open. See System-internal ports and Example HCI firewall setup.

Additionally, you can use Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) or an equivalent to secure internode communications. Consult with your system administrator to configure your network with this added security.