Removing an HCI system

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In order to remove an HCI system, complete the following steps across all instances.

  1. Stop the run script using whatever method you used to start it.
    For example, if you used systemd to run HCI.service, you would use the following commands to stop and disable it:
    sudo systemctl stop HCI.service
    sudo systemctl disable HCI.service
    Additionally, if you used systemd to run HCI, you must delete the HCI.service file you copied during install. Typically, it is copied to/etc/systemd/system.
  2. Run the following command to stop all HCI Docker containers on the instance:

    sudo <installation-directory>/bin/stop

  3. Delete the HCI Docker containers.
    1. List all Docker containers:

      sudo docker ps

    2. Note the container IDs for all containers that use a com.hds.ensemble or image.
    3. Delete the containers:

      sudo docker rm <container-id>

  4. Delete the HCI Docker images.
    1. List all Docker images:

      sudo docker images

    2. Note the image IDs for all images that use a com.hds.ensemble or repository.
    3. Delete the images:

      sudo docker rmi <image-id>

  5. Delete the HCI installation folder:

    sudo <installation-directory>/bin/stop

    For example:
    rm -rf /opt/hci