Updating HCI

Content Intelligence Installation Guide

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You can update system software by installing an update package through the System Management application. For more information, see the System Management Help, which is accessible from the System Management application.

Update consists of multiple steps and might take several hours to complete. During this time:

  • Multiple varities of Loading and Reconnecting messages will appear.
  • The window or its progress might appear stalled or stuck.
  • Severe and Warning events might occur.

This is typical update and deployment behavior. You will be notified when the process has officially completed.

  • Hitachi Vantara does not provide updates or security fixes for the host operating systems running on HCI instances.
  • During Update and Deployment, if you're installing the Monitor-App service, each specific signal needs a different set of ports and protocol. For reference on which ports to use, see System ports for Monitor-App.