Content Intelligence Installation Guide

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Jobs are operations that services run to typically perform transient work. Like services, jobs are run in Docker containers on system instances. However when the job completes its work, its container exits.

Jobs are run by services; you cannot start or stop them yourself on demand, but you can schedule the times when they are allowed to run and specify which instances in the system that they are allowed to run on.

Workflow jobs

Beginning with release 1.3, each HCI workflow is associated with a job. Running the workflow causes its job to run and process documents.

Job types

Jobs are grouped into job types. All jobs in a type share the same default configuration settings. New jobs inherit their settings from their job type. However, each job in a type can be configured with settings different from the job type default settings.

Workflow-Agent job type

HCI has a single type of job, the Workflow-Agent job type. Jobs of this type are run to perform:

  • A single workflow task.
  • A pipeline test.
  • A workflow test.
  • Tasks to restart workflow failures.

Storage for jobs

You can configure storage usage for jobs by associating volumes with job types.