Unpack the installation package

Content Intelligence Installation Guide

Part Number
On each server or virtual machine that is to be a system instance:
  1. Download the product installation package and MD5 checksum file and store both in a folder on the server or virtual machine.
  2. Verify the integrity of the installation package:
    md5sum -c HCI-version_number.tgz.md5
    If the package integrity is verified, the command displays OK.
  3. In the largest disk partition on the server or virtual machine, create a product installation folder.
    mkdir install_path/hci
  4. Move the installation package from the folder where you stored it to the product installation folder.
    mv HCI-version_number.tgz install_path/hci/HCI-version_number.tgz
  5. Navigate to the installation folder.
    cd install_path/hci
  6. Unpack the installation package:
    tar -zxf HCI-version_number.tgz
    A number of directories are created within the installation folder.
  7. Run the install script:
    sudo ./install
    • Don't change directories after running the installation script. The following tasks are performed in your current folder.
    • The installation script can be run only one time on each instance. You cannot rerun this script to try to repair or upgrade a system instance.