Considerations for Solr backup and restore

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To utilize the Solr backup and restore functionality of HCI, the following prerequisites need to be met on your system:

  1. An external, dedicated NFS mount point for each HCI cluster.
  2. A directory created on each node in your HCI cluster called solrBackups, located at the following path: install_path/solrBackups
  3. The file system from step 1 mounted on each node of the directory listed in step 2.
    Note: The mechanism used to mount the file system needs to be able to persist through node reboot.
  4. Sufficient disk space available on the mounted file system in order to successfully backup your HCI index.
  5. Sufficient disk space reserved on your HCI nodes in order to successfully restore your HCI index.

It is recommended that all of the above mentioned mount points be set up prior to your installation of HCI.

For more information about Solr backup and restore after installing HCI, refer to the Workflow Designer Help.