(optional) Configure service networking

Content Intelligence Installation Guide

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To change networking settings for the HCI services:
  1. On the Services tab, select a service to configure.
  2. On the Networks tab:
    1. Optionally, configure the ports that the service should use.
      If you reconfigure service ports, make sure that each port value you assign is unique across all services, both System services and HCI services.
    2. Optionally, for each service, specify which network the service should bind to, either Internal or External
      By default, the Search-App, Monitor-App, and Admin-App services have the External option selected and all other services are set to Internal.

      If you're only using a single network, you can leave these settings as they are. This is because all system instances are assigned both internal and external IP addresses in HCI; if you're only using a single network type, the internal and external IP addresses for each instance are identical.