After a network change

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If a network infrastructure or configuration change occurs that prevents your system from functioning with its current network settings, you need to reinstall all instances in the system.

  1. If the Admin App is accessible, back up your system components by exporting a package. For information on exporting packages, see the Administrator Help, which is accessible from the Admin App
  2. On each instance in the system:
    1. Navigate to the installation folder.
    2. Stop the script run using whatever tool or process you used to run it.
      For example, with systemd, run: systemctl stop HCI.service
    3. Run bin/stop
    4. Run the script setup, including the comma-separated list of master instances: sudo bin/setup -i instance_ip_addr -m master_instance_ip_addrs
    5. Run the script run using whatever methods you usually use to run scripts.
  3. Use the Admin App setup wizard.
  4. After the system has been set up, upload your package.