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Content Intelligence Installation Guide

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This topic summarizes the system configurations and settings used by Hitachi Vantara to characterize HCI hardware and provide system sizing guidance for Hitachi Content Search.

Constant settings for all testing

  • Documents indexed: Small text documents, average 5 KB
  • Number of indexes per system: 1
  • Index Protection Level per index: 1
  • Workflow task settings: All defaults
  • Data connection: HCP MQE data connection
  • Initial schema setting for each index: Schemaless. Includes:
    • 151 defined fields
    • 73 dynamic fields
    • 3 copy fields

Variable settings

  • Shards per index: Equal to the number of instances running the Index service.
  • Instance and service configurations:
Number of instances Instances running the Index service Instances running the Workflow-Agent service


1 1


3 4


5 8

For information on:

  • System sizing guidance, see Sizing guidance for Hitachi Content Search.
  • Index Protection Level settings, shards, and index schema options, see the HCI Administrator Help, which is available from the HCI Admin App.