Notations used to describe messages

Storage Management Software for Mainframe Messages

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Following are the notations used to describe messages in this manual, and the message format. Messages are listed in the order of message IDs.

Message ID

Message text


message-ID message-output-destination SC=xx#1 RC=xx#2(additional-information)#3




Severity code, which indicates the severity level. If the output destination is MSG, this value is set to Severity in the message structure. For details about the message structure, see the Hitachi Business Continuity Manager Reference Guide or Tiered Storage Manager for Mainframe User Guide.


Return code, which is set when the message is output. If multiple return codes were output for the message during command processing, the largest value is set as the command return code.


Detailed information used to confirm specific issues such as the error location or volume identification information. If the output destination is MSG, this value is set to Value in the message structure.

Character strings enclosed in square brackets ([ ]) might be omitted.